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This site is dedicated to help you to get to know what you should be aware of before your departure to Sydney, Australia. There’s no place in the world like Sydney; however it will get you when you have limited knowledge about Sydney when you arrived here.

About Sydney Australia

Here is a little fact about Sydney/Australia. Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia is made up of six states and two major mainland territories (New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory)

Sydney is the business gateway to Australia as well as a cosmopolitan world city surrounded by iconic beaches, World Heritage areas and acclaimed wine regions of the State of New South Wales.

It’s quite easy to get around Sydney as there are public transportations available (train, bus, ferry, bus, monorail and tram). There are plenty of ways to enjoy the sunshine on Sydney famous beaches or perhaps do shopping in many Sydney shopping malls using public transportation.

Sydney airport itself called Kingsford-Smith Airport with its symbol as SYD when you look at the board in the airports. It’s located at the east of Sydney, which strategically will connect you to some other parts of Sydney via underground tunnel/highway (M5 and M4) and about 10 minutes away from Sydney city.

If you’re on holiday, there are plenty of types of accommodation you can choose from. If you’re about to move to Sydney, there are also plenty of options of area you can stay at.

However it might be easier for you to find out the easiest way to know Sydney thru this site. It’s either thru my own experiences or thru reader’s comment/suggestion.

I’ll try to give lots of information from Sydney accommodation (hotels and motels), Sydney restaurants, jobs in Sydney or jobs in Australia particularly up to things to do in Sydney. You might also find Sydney attractions and perhaps find out how to find used cars in Sydney or Australia.

I do hope that this site will help your settling down process in Sydney.

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