Radical climate action ‘critical’ to Great Barrier Reef’s survival, government body says

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  1. Fred Moore says:

    You can have a prosperous Queensland or a healthy Great Barrier Reef. YOU cannot have both.

    Because PEOPLE rule and there is no technology that can make up for that.

    Queensland is a very specialised Geographical environment with very special ecosystems and very special people.

    Leave Qld and the Reef to the Queenslanders. Let the Reef die!

    There is no other way and no amount of money can change that.

    Leave Qld to the Queenslanders. Let the Reef die!

    And note the main reef killers are the result of things that are fundamental to Queensland’s existence: Farming runoffs and Mosquito poisons runoffs:
    Queensland would go broke if farming vanished or if Mosquitos (they can bring down a large horse in a single night) were not held in check.

    There is one possibility only: Enact some easier parts of the Bradfield scheme to divert dividing range waters inland to shift coastal farming inland where mozzies are not prevalent. That Bradfield option is expensive but if it saves billions in Reef & tourism losses and failed $$saviour attempts then it may just “stack-up” dollar wise going forward.

    The reef IS dying and it WILL die in the next 50 years, so … Please Consider!! Bradfield or DEATH … Death or Bradfield …..

  2. Fred Moore says:

    PS….Telsla Boring Company options for Qld River Diversions

    It is important to make use of early-entry cost reductions with Elon Musk’s “Boring Company” when considering diversion of coastal rivers to Inland Queensland. The prohibitive costs of some of these diversions may NOT be so overwhelming as previously costed.

    2. Northern NSW coastal river diversions should be considered concurrently while early- bird cost reductions are possible. The Darling River is cotton-moth dry and it may be “permanent”.

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